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Tara -jade green raw silk embroidered saree with blouse

Tara -jade green raw silk embroidered saree with blouse

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A jade green raw silk embroidered saree with a bananas blouse is a unique and striking ensemble that combines traditional elements with a touch of whimsy. The saree, made of luxurious raw silk in a gorgeous shade of jade green, exudes elegance and sophistication. The saree is adorned with intricate embroidery, adding texture and richness to the overall look. The highlight of the ensemble is the bananas blouse, which features a playful and quirky print of bananas, bringing a fun and unexpected twist to the traditional attire. This combination of vibrant green, delicate embroidery, and a playful blouse creates a one-of-a-kind saree that is perfect for special occasions, weddings, or cultural celebrations.

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