• A woman-led label based in Hyderabad, Seharre stands for the beauty of blossoming even after the most harrowing journey. We believe that the trail a woman experiences in her lifetime, imitates the life cycle of a butterfly. Growing wings through adversities forms the essence of Seharre. It is with the creation of these one-of-a-kind pieces that beauty is exuded from the inside out. Each collection sets forth a different story, often inspired by the elements of nature and its different embodiments. Occasion wear is given a contemporary touch with contrasting attire and surface techniques. From pattern making to quality checks, we produce thoughtfully crafted pieces for you. Made for women and inspired from womanhood, every garment is stitched through stories of triumph that declare blissful continuity.

  • Our Founder

    Sahithee Reddy, the Founder has been a creative spirit from a young age. However, she pursued engineering and went on to become an IT professional in her early career. Soon after, she recognised her passion for designing and balanced her IT job with a creative one, hustling for what excited her. From her savings, she started Seharre as a bootstrapped venture. In the year 2019, a physical store was inaugurated in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Since then, Seharre has undergone transitions while still keeping the vision of the company intact. Her principal values of design and a humanitarian approach to the business catapulted Seharre. Sahithee intends to keep growing Seharre as a brand that vigorously promotes women’s employment and empowerment alike.

  • Sustainability at Seharre

    At Seharre, there is always room for growth. Ensuring health and safety of our workers with a fair remuneration originates from this label as a bare minimum. We hold social sustainability in high regard, practicing it ourselves employing artisans and enabling women to earn their own bread. We also operate on a made-to-order model, eliminating typical inventory issues that lead to over production and wastage.

    A Made In India brand, Seharre stays true to its indigenous roots and takes pride in its ethnicity while also catering to the global consumer. Each piece of our collection is meticulously designed and conceptualized. After revisions, our designs are then transferred to the most natural forms of fabrics - we only work with mulmul, handwoven and hand spun cotton, chanderi, and linen sourced from different states of India.

    We refrain from using synthetics like rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic or spandex that do not decompose and leave permanent scars on the environment.